UAB"ŽYBARTUVA" has been founded in 1994. Starting from 2000 we are joint-stock company with Swedish stone company "A P Sten". We employ more than 40 professional and skilled workers, who has big experience in stone production activity.

Our production site is placed in Baltoji Voke, 30 km from Vilnius. The premises of 5.000 m2 offer a big stock yard and a factory that can produce stone products of high quality. We have very good technical resources, such as block saws, edge cutting machines, polishing machines and NC-operated machine for production of kitchen tops. That in combination with our skilled workers, gives us the opportunity to offer granite, marble, sandstone or limestone in various finishing of surfaces, like polished, flamed, honed and bush hammered. Most of our products are custom-designed.

We are a direct importer of natural stone to Lithuania. Since we are a part of the international stone company group ”A P Sten” with quarries in Sweden and Norway, and trading companies in Sweden, Norway and Poland, we have good connections with suppliers from all over the world. We are also a producer and exporter of high quality tombstones to Scandinavia, Russia and Latvia.

Our main production:

  • tombstones
  • Internal, external elevations
  • kitchentops
  • windows sills
  • fireplaces
  • stairs, steps
  • floor
  • pillars
  • cubs

We are ready to produce everything from granite, marble, sandstone or limestone. Our products usually are produced for particular customers.

If You have any inquiries, please don't hesitate contact us:

Tel. +370 687 75799+370 68775799
Fax. +370 380 43319
Adress: Durpininku 1b, LT-17035 Baltoji Voke, Salcininku r., Lithuania


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Durpininkų st.1B
Baltoji Vokė,
Šalčininkų region 
8 380 43328,            
8 688 22924
faks. 8 380 43319 
Time work: 
I - V   800-1700 
VI-VII 1000-1400


Kirtimų 11,
8 526 02665,
8 686 31718
I-V  900-1800
VII  900-1500
Ukmergės 238,
8 616 55179
I-V 900-1800
VI-VII 900-1500
Pušų st.2,
8 601 02056
A.Mickevičiaus 1,
8 604 12896
Pavėsio st.6
8 682 57295
8 313 45603                                    

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